CMF International and REACH


CMF International
Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) was started in the 1940s on the campus of Manhattan Bible College in Kansas by students with a vision and a heart to serve. What started as just an idea grew into a ministry that has blessed the lives of thousands. CMF is now serving in 17 countries and has over 165 missionaries out on the field. Some of the ministries CMF is involved in are church planting, training and education, community health evangelism, urban poor ministries, AIDS/HIV awareness, and microfinancing. CMF has been a blessing to so many and is an amazing opportunity for people who feel called to serve.

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in Nairobi, Kenya

A little history of Missions of Hope International…
One day as Mary Kamau walked through the Mathare Valley slum, she saw many children who were poorly dressed, unfed, and not in school. The government did nothing to provide education for these children. Mary’s heart ached as she asked the Lord what she could do to help. Mary had a vision to provide schooling for these children. Mary, along side her husband Wallace, launched the ministry Missions of Hope International in Mathare Valley. Their first school was made up of 50 children and was opened in the slums so children there could have a chance for an education.
In 2000, CMF’s Nairobi urban poor team began partnering with the Kamau’s. In Nairobi, they refer to their ministry as MOHI (Missions of Hope International). Since the first school was opened, it has now grown to 11 schools reaching 4,000 kids. These kids have the opportunity to attend school, own school supplies, eat two good meals each day, and have a school uniform. These children are sponsored monthly by the partnership of families and churches here in the US to make that happen.

Our ministry in addition to working with MOHI…
Kids and education are not the only form of ministry that is being done in Mathare Valley. CMF strongly believes in holistic ministry: reaching people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The kids are the key that MOHI uses to reach the families. MOHI works in many different areas now including Community Health Evangelism (CHE), micro-enterprise, HIV/AIDS outreach, Bringing the Light projects, social work, spiritual development, and church planting. Many of these projects are led by national Christians and workers. Hundreds of people in the slums are coming to know the Lord through these ministries and are finding true hope for their lives.

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