About Me

Hey! So as you may have already figured out I’m Katrina..if you were looking for someone else..sorry I’m not them 🙂
With this page I’m hoping to give those of you who may not know me a glimpse into who I am as a person and as a believer in Jesus Christ. For those of you who think you know me now you can test how well you really DO . There will be a quiz at the end so I would get out a piece of paper and jot down some notes.

A little about my life…
I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon..so I’m most definitely a Northwest girl. I was blessed to have grown up with two amazingly loving parents and a pesky older brother. I attended a small Christian school K-12, which I loved but frequently got mocked for. I graduated high school knowing what I wanted to do with my life..make money. Isn’t that every 18 year olds dream? I had decided as a sophomore in high school (maybe even sooner) that I was going to get my degree in business and make money. Lo and behold God had different plans, and two years after starting college and 3 business classes later I found my true passion in working with people. Not only did I switch majors but I also switched schools..I became a Duck. During all this God was working, like He always is, on me. I started to volunteer more within my church and the more I got involved the more I loved it and the more I loved it the more I wanted to volunteer (a wonderfully vicious cycle). I think He always knew that is where I needed to be…even if I was a “little” reluctant.

So fast forward with me…
I graduated U of O in June with a degree in Family and Human Services…and a minor in Business (well I wasn’t going to let those classes go to waste). I spent all summer trying to figure out that next step. The pressure to find a job and figure out life was on. I had graduated and now it was time to get a “real” job and “start the rest of my life” or at least that is what I was told. So there I was a college graduate knowing where my passion lies, but not sure where to go from there. So summer ended and I moved home..for 12 hours. I received a call in the wee hours of the morning and was offered a job at a middle school. Not only had the Lord answered my prayers for a job, but also for working with youth! Things fell into place from there.. from my housing to how many hours I would work. If I had any doubts God was crushing them. I ended up being relocated within the school district to the elementary school in November, which has blown my mind! I get the wonderful opportunity to work with children who have disabilities. My job is absolutely amazing! Yes, there are those difficult days, but I love them and I love my kids 🙂 I truly do believe God placed me here to show me where I find my joy, which is working with kids. I mean I knew it before, but now I know without a doubt.

Side step with me…
During all these transitions in my life I had been putting one major thing on the back burner. My relationship with God. Yes, it was there, but on a low/medium simmer. A few months ago God shook that up. He opened my eyes to how complacent it had become and He turned up the heat. God flipped my world around, and in doing so opened up my heart, mind and soul to amazing changes. It is incredible how different things seems when you get to look at them from a fresh perspective. I know the Lord is calling me to serve. He has giving me this passion He has been building on for years and I can’t ignore Him. Trust me I have tried to run, but God is amazingly patient and relentless which I greatly appreciate. He has captured my heart and I’m excited to walk through life with Him by my side.

This leads me to…
..the amazing opportunity He has set before me.. interning in Nairobi, Kenya through CMFI’s REACH internship. This summer I will be working alongside 17 individuals, CMF missionaries who are already serving there, and Kenyan nationals to help meet the needs of those living in the Mathare Valley slum outside of Nairobi. The Mathare Valley is one-square mile slum that is home to approximately 800,000 people. The main focus of our ministry is to show the love of Christ to those in need; CMF does this through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE is a holistic program that not only transforms the lives of people physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. This ministry involves preventative healthcare, vocational training , education, evangelism, and partnering with local churches to reach the people of Mathare Valley. Each day our team will be traveling to the slums to pray with and disciple families, provide HIV/AIDS education, help with community clean-up projects, and work with children attending CMF schools in the slums. Most importantly, we will have the opportunity to share the love and hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To end…

“God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

For the love of my heavenly Father my heart is on fire, it’s because of Him that I am alive. I’m seeking to be transformed into the woman of God that I so desperately want/need to be. I letting everything go, because everything is His and everything I do needs to be for Him. I know that the path I have chosen won’t be easy, but I find comfort in knowing that it’s His “sacred heart within me beating” (Audrey Assad). Borrowing from Max Lucado: “I’m asking Yahweh for one thing, only one thing: to live with Him in His house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate His beauty, I’ll study at His feet. That’s the only quiet secure place in a noisy world” (Ps. 27:4-6). I do not desire to just sit and talk with the Lord, but to live with Him and go where He leads. I know He is calling me and my answer is “Here I am. SEND ME!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Random facts…

• Four of my favorite childhood movies were Anne of Green Gables, Sound of Music, A Goofy Movie, and Heavyweights
• Favorite color is deep red with a hint of orange
• I have a passion for drawing..I love having my hands dusted in charcoal
• I ♥ Art in all its wonderful shapes and forms
• I could spend HOURS watching documentaries..and to be honest I have
• I LOVE Autumn..
• One of the best smells in the world is the pages of a book
• Always in the mood for country… love the way they describe love
• Enjoy driving barefoot
• I looove to sing even though I’m not that good. He said to make a joyful noise so that is exactly what I do. 😀
• I prefer sour candy over chocolate a good 95% of the time. Though, ironically my favorite dessert is brownies with raspberries and whip cream.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. I can totally relate to the whole singing even though you are not that good! I always tell people that God doesn’t care what I sound like, just that I sing to Him! 🙂 I’m STOKED to meet you soon! You should check out my blogs….

    My blogspot one has a lot of random posts about my life, while the Tumblr one is more Kenya focused 🙂 Enjoy! Oh, and we should skype sooN! 🙂

  2. Josephine Myron

    I am getting excited for you.
    I’m not going to worry.
    God has this all planned out and I’m exciting to watch and see all that God is going to do.

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