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Bring the Light

In Mathare Valley MOHI spreads the Word to those in the community by an outreach program called Bring the Light..
Bring the Light is a special project designed to teach a spiritual lesson through a physical demonstration. Workers at MOHI visit homes in the community and share the Word of Christ. “Home” is a loose description of the shanty that most of those in the slums live in. A shanty consists of wire, wood, and a thin metal roof.
In most cases there is no light sources in these homes, making it difficult for those who live there to complete simple tasks..that is why many of those who occupy the shanty stay outside. But this all changes with Bring the Light. Teams come in and install a small Plexiglas skylight in the roof to create light. While this is happening a local pastor makes the connection between how a skylight bringing light into a dark room is similar to the spiritual light Christ offers us in this dark world. It’s a joint effort between local construction workers to construct the skylight and local pastors to give the message to makes this project successful.

I share this first because I think it’s incredible and secondly because my friend came across another version of this being done in Philippines..breaks my heart in a good way, and makes me miss MOHI even more. Check out this video..

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