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Weekend Update

Monday- Today we (Sarah, Emily and I) spent the entire morning trying to type out exams as fast as we could so we could spend the rest of the week with our kiddos. Well…no such luck..some time early afternoon we received another exam to type and on top of that the power went out. Even though the power went out and we didn’t get to finish the work we did get to spend the afternoon in our class 🙂 I didn’t realize how much I needed to see them. I was getting a little stressed from the work and the joy I saw when I walked just washed all that away. God knew I needed it.
Tuesday- All of us headed out to Joska to visit the school. Gosh those kids are a crack up! They put on a talent show and it was such a kick to watch. They did everything from dancing to truth-or-dare (that was pretty funny). My highlight was getting to meet Sarah and Ruth. These two “smart,” young women are sponsored by two amazing families from my church. I met Sarah first..she is an outgoing, funny, and TALL young woman with so much light in her eyes. I met Ruth shortly afterward. She is shy at first but relaxed after talking a bit..she has a very sweet nature about her. It was so funny..I couldn’t find Ruth so Sarah went and got her for me and no joke there is at least a two foot height difference..I couldn’t help but giggle.
Wednesday- Back at MOHI. I was all by myself today working on exams.Sarah and Emily got to meet their sponsor kids at other centers. 🙂 I was so happy for them, but bummed for me..so much work and so little time. I was determined to finish! So as I headed to the library to get cracking on exams I was stopped and handed two letters. Both from loved ones back home…I’m taking the time to mention this because it was my saving grace. I knew I was going to be working all day by myself to finish them and these wonderful encouraging letters brought tears to my eyes and the motivation I needed to finish strong. Thank you…you know who you are 🙂
Thursday- Today was a down day. We were done typing exams so we spent the day talking with people and visiting our classrooms. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I LOVE class 1 purple/blue. These kids are so awesome. They crack me up and break my heart in a good way. So many of them have so little yet want to share so much. I may be bias, but I think they are the best class.
Friday- Today was our last day at MOHI 😦 I’m not good at farewell…
So I spent the morning/afternoon in my classroom. We went out for P.E. and played Mr. Fox and duck, duck, goose. Once we went back to the class we spent the time eating candy and joking around (it’s technically their summer already). It wasn’t until the afternoon when I had to leave to go to our farewell that it hit me that I won’t see my kids again. I was walking out the door and a little girl named Faith said for me to come back Monday..it broke my heart to think that I wouldn’t be there. We ended the day at MOHI with a farewell gathering..we said our goodbyes and took pictures with staff… It was heartbreaking. I’m going to miss them all so much.

Well I’m sorry to end on a sad note..but I have to run..I hope to complete this later.

Side note: Please, if you can remember, keep my family in your prayers. My grandfather past away this last weekend and it’s hitting us pretty hard.



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