Weekend Update time :)

Goodmorning loved ones!

…weekly update time…

Last weekend-It was the first time we had nothing planned all weekend and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves, so we hopped a matatu and headed out towards Banana (yes, Banana). A group of us ended up going to The Village Market..it was surreal. It was as if we walked back into America. We had found out where all the tourists were hiding. It was really bittersweet because it was beautiful, but it revealed just how big the gap is between those with money and those without. It made me sad to think that many people I work with would never get to come here and if they did they would feel out of place..I even felt a little out of place. We did have fun though…a few of us went mini golfing and others went to the water park (yes, that is how ritzy it is). All in all we had a fun weekend team bonding.

Monday- We stayed at Pangani today! I was in class 1 purple again. “Man alive” I love those kids. I got to go through review with them and help them with corrections. They are so precious. There is one little one that cracks me up. Little side story: We were doing English and he was getting tired so he started sucking is thumb while doing his work and eventually fell asleep (he is maybe 6)..gosh it was adorable.

Tuesday- Pangani again!! I was so excited it was the first time we were in a class three days in a row. We did review again to prepare for exams this upcoming week. All the kids seems pretty prepared..I’m proud of my class :). One downside- the classroom we are in is right above the kitchen so it fills with smoke every day. I feel so bad for the kids because they all start rubbing their eyes and coughing. So by the time they bring their work up to be graded their crying…we all are. If someone walked in we would look like the saddest group of people. Hopefully the new classroom will be done by next term.-Pray for that πŸ™‚

Wednesday- My roommate and I both woke up sick this day. My body just ached and I had this horrendous cough..it wasn’t bad it just sounded terrible. We both ended up sleeping all day only to get up to eat then return to bed. To make matters worse I missed out on going to Mathare North, again! blerg! Hopefully we will get another chance before we leave.

Thursday- To Kiamiko we go! As I stated before all the schools are preparing for exams and everything is getting pretty hectic..and we saw that first hand at Kiamiko. I’m pretty sure they forgot about us because we were left in the office for quite a while. We ended up doing corrections for most the day and creating diagrams for classrooms. Highlight of the day though..Sarah, Emily and I became masters of the squatty potty! For those of you who don’t know what a squatty potty is it is a bathroom that consist of a roll of tp, a door, and a hole in the floor. Most centers have alternative bathrooms, but not here. We all walked away holding a heads a little higher.

Friday-Today we all stayed at Pangani…though we were not in classrooms. We were on desk duty writing the exams for high school. It was easy until they handed us the Kiswahili exam section. We all had to copy a story and write questions in Kiswahili..I have never typed so slow! Felt pretty good about it..I pray they read over it though because I have NO idea what I typed. So the entire day was spent typing tests for the exams that start Monday. We finished around 5 pm and just in time because we were all getting a little burnt out. We ended our night by doing some team bonding..going to a movie. It was much appreciated because everyone had had a full weak. It felt good to relax have some popcorn.

All in all I had a great week. It’s so sad to think we only have two weeks left. I’m not ready to come back. I don’t feel like I’m done here..I feel like I have barely started. Prayer request: patience, clarity, and openness.

Verse to remember this week Psalm 25:10

Thank you everyone for all the encouraging words.. it truly means a lot to me. πŸ™‚

Have a great week everyone!



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4 responses to “Weekend Update time :)

  1. Melanie Grimes

    it is so exciting to hear and read how things are going; can’t wait to get more details when you get home.
    Love and prayers to you and all!!!

  2. Josephine Myron

    Hang in there, two weeks can be a lot of time. Take Care of yourself. I’ll pray for rest and health.
    Love, Mom

  3. Laurie Sims

    Thank you so much for your updates. They have been amazing and it makes me want to go on a mission trip. I think everyone should go to another country and serve. It seems like whenever we set out to help others we end up being the ones get helped, ministered to, and our eyesand hearts opened.

    I am so proud of you! You are an amazing women and have blessed so many lives. It reminds me of when God showed me that you were like a piece of pizza. You were the tip and the lives that you would touch kept growing bigger and bigger until you reached the crust.

    I am honored to have been a part of your life and wait in amazement as I continue to watch you grow stronger in your walk with the Lord. I will continue to pray for you – not only that God will heal you, slow down time for you, but also lead you in the plans He has for you. I love you!!

  4. Deidre

    <3! I love this weekly updates!

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