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Weekend Update

Quick update…
Monday- Sarah and I worked at Kosovo. I worked with the pre-unit, class four and five (equivalent preschool & 4th and 5th grade). I got to draw diagrams for the little kids about clean water and help grade their homework. For class four, I got to teach a Christian Religious Education class. We went over what it meant to be a Christian leader in your community and how you can be one today. To be honest the class went fine, but it was a little stressful because I was given the class material while I was eating lunch and had maybe 5 minutes to prep for class. Still, I had a blast reading the Word in front of them and getting them to think. In the class 5, I got to do art with them..I was all for this! I had them sit in rows of three and each child had to draw a part of the body (the face/shoulders, torso, hips/feet) and they had to do this without seeing what the person before them drew. The pictures turned out great and all the kids laughed at their crazy drawings.
Hands down best part of the day was teaching the children Red Light/Green Light which turned into a game of capture the mzungu (white person). Sarah and I would point to each other and tell the kids to get the other teacher..which was scary when you were being chased by close to 150 kids. Loved every moment.

Tuesday- I worked at the main centre, in the Spiritual Development Department, helping out with VBS. It was a lot of fun. I got to help the kids make necklaces and learn a Bible verse. Later on after Chai time, the church that was leading VBS, taught a Bible story and songs…the kids loved it. In the afternoon Kylie, Melissa and I worked on creating devotions for the pre-units for the following term. Low key wonderful day. Picture to the right is some of the kids after VBS.

Wednesday- Sarah, Emily and I worked at Bondeni. We spent most the day observing. I got to draw a diagram of a person and the different body parts and write up a list of opposite words (ex he…she). Favorite part of the day: teaching a pre-unit class the Month of the Year song. For those who weren’t in my class this year, it is the months sang to the tune of Michael Finnegan with the hand motions of the Macarena..it was fantastic 🙂 (Side note: Today was one of the coldest days since we been here. It was around 65 degrees, which meant all the kids were wearing their winter coats and hats.)

Thursday- Sarah, Emily and I worked at Area 2. Hands down my favorite school to work with thus far. The school only goes up to class 2 (equivalent to 2nd/3rd grade) so I got to work with the little kids! Side note: Don’t get me wrong I love working with older kids…but the little ones are just so precious. I worked in class 1 helping with math and homework corrections. It is incredible what those kids are learning at such a young age. Some of them aren’t even seven yet and they are learning two languages and doing double digit subtraction/missing box equations (ex. 53-___=21). After we were done teaching in the classrooms the head teacher called a meeting with all the teachers we had worked with to ask if we had any recommendations for them. I didn’t have anything negative to say.. I think the teachers there are doing an amazing job. The teachers I observed were dedicated to their kids success and took time to help each child. The teachers have a genuine desire for the children in their class to know the material and succeed in the education. It was inspiring.

Friday- We all worked at Kiamaiko. This day was harder than the rest. My roommate and I have decided to start the mornings off reading one of Max Lucado’s devos before walking out the door…just to start the day off right. I left for the center feeling at peace and ready for the day. As we all walked to the school I was approached by a man. I tried to ignore him at first but he was persistent. He told me I wasn’t a child of God and that I didn’t love God nor did He love me. He walked next to me the entire way saying profanities and ended with telling me my days were numbered. There is no other way to describe this encounter other than an attack against my faith. I’ve been told where God is persistent and present so is the devil. There is a spiritual battle going on here and today was the first time I saw it. My soul was unsettled after that. We spent our first few minutes at the school in prayer for our group and this community. Guys, I know the Lord is my father and that I am His child…but how many adults in that community know that? Walking back at the end of the day was just as hard. Even though we weren’t approached the air was thick, your heart felt heavy, and you could just feel darkness. I thought I was the only one experiencing it, but we all felt it. Please pray for this community.
Even in the darkness…light is present. God is here and He is moving in big ways. Pray for the continuing growth in believers and for people to seek Him in their dark hours.
I love and miss you all!
Until next time…God Bless



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