Stuff I fancy: Audrey Assad

If there were an album for my life right now it would be Audrey Assad’s The House You’re Building. It speaks on life, love, and faith…

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
there’s a trace of You
in every alleluia
every song that I sing

and for love of You
I’m a sky on fire
and because of You
I come alive
and it’s Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing
(out for love of You)

You are the highway I travel
cause I watched You carve streets of gold
from sin and gravel
I gave You brokenness
You gave me innocence
and now this road leads to glory

You are my deepest longing
so I see You everywhere
it’s You I’m chasing after
cause I am captivated by who You are
and how You move
I’ll follow You forever


Oh it’s all for love of You, God
and everything I do
Oh it’s for love of You…


Bits of knowledge I took away from the album about life, love, and faith…with additions here and there from my daily devotions.
My life is not my own and the sooner I recognize that the sooner I can give myself freely to the One who created me. I desire to have a life worth that will glorify God.
Love is a blessing. Love is a gift. Love is faithful. Love rejoices in truth. Love keeps no record of wrong. Love will not forsake you. Love is patient. Love always hopes. Love is not easily angered. Love is not self-seeking. Love perseveres. God is love.
I need a faith that is rooted in Christ and that is constantly pursuing to deepen that relationship. I don’t want just a quick convo that begins and ends with my daily devotions; it’s here that relationships can turn into somewhat of a formality. I PRAY this never happens! I want one that dives into the heart of who I am, who I need to be in Him and what He made me for.



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2 responses to “Stuff I fancy: Audrey Assad

  1. natalie

    katrina, your growth amazes me.

    • Thank you love 🙂 I know growth is only possible by relying on the truth He gave us. Nothing can be achieved without His any credit goes to Him, and I know I’m still a work in progress (and I love that!).

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