Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

Whole World in His Hands…

The King's Speech soundtrack...a most excellent choice.

Goodness gracious…I am finding SO many things that are inspiring me to get back into art. I may not be the most crafty individual, but I love to try..and isn’t that what really counts?? I’ve always loved art, but I’ve been making excuses and putting ideas off for awhile..NO MORE! I’m taking the time to paint to my heart’s content and draw until my fingers fall off…literally! God has blessed me with a pretty creative mind and I need to start putting it to work…utilize it while I have the ability to. We aren’t promised tomorrow so why not spend today doing something you are passionate about? I’m not saying skip out on work, but for the love of JESUS do something incredible with what He has blessed you with…and if you’re saying “I don’t know what it is..” ask Him and ask those around you…you’ll be surprised what they say. 🙂

Oh and as for the project to the right…once it’s finished I shall tell you what it is, but for now its secret stays with me (and the 5 people I told)



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