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Absolutely FANTASTIC Weekend!

First off I would like to say I am so immensely blessed! God has blessed me with incredible friends and special thanks goes out to Him..:)

So…my weekend in a nutshell (72 hours of fun):

One of my absolute favorite people in the world came to town and I got to hang out with her and 6 other lovely ladies. My wonderful friend Kirrin, bride to be, got us all together for an afternoon filled with delicious food (mmm…Irish Nachos) and dress shopping. After countless minutes of trying on dresses I walked away empty handed, but still had an awesome time playing dress up 🙂
Oh..and the fun doesn’t stop there..later that evening I got to catch up with friends and celebrate my friends’ 25th B-day with what I can only describe as a 70s/80s dance party, which if you know me I am a dancing fiend so I was all about showing off my “awesome” moves.


Alarm: 9 am…time to get rolling!
Meet the girls at 10:30…head off for a quick getaway to Seattle. Spent Saturday afternoon roaming around Public Market    Center and Pike Street in general. Enjoyed the rainy weather (no sarcasm..I actually love the rain). Went  site seeing a    bit…window shopped…and all in all enjoyed getting out of dodge and hanging with friends.

Oh..I mustn’t forget to mention one of best parts of the day…I MEET MY UNCLE AND COUSIN!! 🙂  Two of the sweetest and  most welcoming people I have met! I got to spend part of the evening cruising downtown Seattle and eating ice cream with family while catching up on life…glorious! Our time was cut short do in part to my poor planning (note to self…plan things in advance!).. though I am grateful for the time we had felt like time spent amongst old friends..loved it. Again, thank you Jesus for such wonderful family 🙂

So to sum up the rest of my weekend…we spent the morning part of Sunday roaming around Seattle a little bit more..and the latter part of Sunday driving to Portland where I picked up my car and headed back to Eugene ( total hours spent in a car today 5.5). It’s now 11:49 and I’ve been home for roughly an hour and a half…I’m exhausted but overjoyed. SO much happened this weekend and I hope to expand on it later..but for now I must say goodnight!

God bless..

ps…grammatical errors..I’ll get to em later. my eyes are too heavy to work right now.



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“What is this???…”

Maybe the question some of you are asking yourselves right now and the answer to that question is a website to help me prepare for going to Africa this summer!!! 🙂

Next question “What….??!”

Answer: Yes!! Most of you know..some of you may not, but I’ve in the process of raising support to be apart of the internship with REACH this summer for two months. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with others and spread God’s love. Well here let me elaborate with my support letter…

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with great joy and anticipation that I’m writing to you today. I am writing to share with you about an amazing opportunity that has been presented to me, and would like to offer you an invitation to be a part of it! As you may or may not know, I’ve felt God calling me to serve others overseas for quite some time. As a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in Family and Human Services, I was excited to utilize my skills in helping others. After months of searching for a job, God blessed me with an opportunity to work for a school assisting children with disabilities. Through my job I have found a passion for working with others, especially children. Over Christmas break I was encouraged by a friend to pursue my desire to serve overseas. I’m blessed and excited to tell you that God has created the opportunity for me to serve Him this summer. From June 2-August 6, I will be serving as an intern in Nairobi, Kenya, through Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) International’s REACH internship program.
This summer I will be working alongside 17 individuals, CMF missionaries who are already serving there, and Kenyan nationals to help meet the needs of those living in the Mathare Valley slum outside of Nairobi. The Mathare Valley is one-square mile slum that is home to approximately 800,000 people. In Mathare Valley, poverty is overwhelming for individuals and families and the living conditions are unfathomable. The main focus of our ministry is to show the love of Christ to those in need; CMF does this through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE is a holistic program that not only transforms the lives of people physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. This ministry involves preventative healthcare, vocational training , education, evangelism, and partnering with local churches to reach the people of Mathare Valley. Each day our team will be traveling to the slums to pray with and disciple families, provide HIV/AIDS education, help with community clean- up projects, and work with children attending CMF schools in the slums. Most importantly, we will have the opportunity to share the love and hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
This internship would not be possible without the involvement and support of my friends and family. Right now I am preparing myself for this summer through prayer. One of the greatest ways you can support me is by praying; praying for the people of Nairobi and for God to guide and use our team. Along with this I would like to ask you to consider supporting this ministry financially. The total budget is $5, 781 which includes airfare, meals, lodging, vaccinations, and other ministry expenses while on the field. I truly believe that God is faithful and He always provides through His church, so I’m excited to experience His provision in my life through people like you . If you would like to offer your support through prayer or finances, please click on the Support Your Intern link to the right and know all your gift is tax-deductible. You can also give on-line by going to (click on the Support Your Intern icon). I pray that you take the time to consider financially supporting me in this opportunity, and more than anything I appreciate all your prayers!

Soo…if you have any questions please feel free to call or email me. Thanks for checking out the site..I hope you guys find it a useful tool to get to know me as well as support me on this awesome journey!

God Bless!! 🙂


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Max Lucado…you amaze me

My devotion for today..I just had to share.

Everyone who is a child of God conquers the world. And this is the victory that conquers the word–our faith.
1 John 5:4

     You get impatient with your own life, trying to master a habit or control a sin–and in your frustration begin to wonder where the power of God is. Be patient. God is using today’s difficulties to strengthen you for tomorrow. He is equipping you. The God who makes things grow will help you bear fruit.
     Dwell on the fact that God lives within you. Think about the power that gives you life. The realization that God is dwelling within you may change the places you want to go and the things you want to do today.
     Do what is right this week, whatever it is, whatever comes down the path, whatever problems and dilemmas you face–just do what’s right. Maybe no one else is doing what’s right, but you do what’s right. You be honest. You take a stand. You be true. After all, regardless of what you do, God does what is right: he saves you with his grace.
                                                                                                      -Max Lucado 
                                                                                                           Walking with the Savior

What an incredible way to start the day!

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Stuff I fancy: Audrey Assad

If there were an album for my life right now it would be Audrey Assad’s The House You’re Building. It speaks on life, love, and faith…

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
there’s a trace of You
in every alleluia
every song that I sing

and for love of You
I’m a sky on fire
and because of You
I come alive
and it’s Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing
(out for love of You)

You are the highway I travel
cause I watched You carve streets of gold
from sin and gravel
I gave You brokenness
You gave me innocence
and now this road leads to glory

You are my deepest longing
so I see You everywhere
it’s You I’m chasing after
cause I am captivated by who You are
and how You move
I’ll follow You forever


Oh it’s all for love of You, God
and everything I do
Oh it’s for love of You…


Bits of knowledge I took away from the album about life, love, and faith…with additions here and there from my daily devotions.
My life is not my own and the sooner I recognize that the sooner I can give myself freely to the One who created me. I desire to have a life worth that will glorify God.
Love is a blessing. Love is a gift. Love is faithful. Love rejoices in truth. Love keeps no record of wrong. Love will not forsake you. Love is patient. Love always hopes. Love is not easily angered. Love is not self-seeking. Love perseveres. God is love.
I need a faith that is rooted in Christ and that is constantly pursuing to deepen that relationship. I don’t want just a quick convo that begins and ends with my daily devotions; it’s here that relationships can turn into somewhat of a formality. I PRAY this never happens! I want one that dives into the heart of who I am, who I need to be in Him and what He made me for.


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Whole World in His Hands…

The King's Speech soundtrack...a most excellent choice.

Goodness gracious…I am finding SO many things that are inspiring me to get back into art. I may not be the most crafty individual, but I love to try..and isn’t that what really counts?? I’ve always loved art, but I’ve been making excuses and putting ideas off for awhile..NO MORE! I’m taking the time to paint to my heart’s content and draw until my fingers fall off…literally! God has blessed me with a pretty creative mind and I need to start putting it to work…utilize it while I have the ability to. We aren’t promised tomorrow so why not spend today doing something you are passionate about? I’m not saying skip out on work, but for the love of JESUS do something incredible with what He has blessed you with…and if you’re saying “I don’t know what it is..” ask Him and ask those around you…you’ll be surprised what they say. 🙂

Oh and as for the project to the right…once it’s finished I shall tell you what it is, but for now its secret stays with me (and the 5 people I told)


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Stuff I fancy: Strangers & Pilgrims

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this song and was moved to tears..which
lead to a wonderful cry.  The words and simplicity of the melody captured
what my heart had been feeling..


Over me.
I’m your soldier,
and You’re over me.

Over me,
over me.
So speak Your word and
heal the pain.
Your command will
seal our fate.

I believe, I believe,
and You marvel over me,
Maker of the galaxy

All my enemies are


A father to the fatherless,
defender of the lonely miss.
You rescue my soul.
You lifted Your own.
Solidarity to families,
unbinding those in prosperity.
You water my soul.
You poured our your own.


an incredible appreciation for my Creator..
and realization that I will forever be in awe of Him

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So wonderfully blessed

I can’t help but sing this song! 🙂

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